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We are taking ebooks down from the website

Cicerone Ebooks

We have taken down the eBooks from our website. It will no longer be possible to buy new eBooks through the Cicerone site, but books you have bought are not affected.

There are various reasons coming together that make this the right time to do this.

The most important is that the quality of the service and the experience for users is not good enough. It was reasonable enough when we started over 5 years ago, but now we are all used to single click purchasing straight into our readers, so the service is no longer acceptable.

Secondly, our eBooks partner has given us notice that they will stop new deliveries through the service in mid-2018, and to end follow on support by the end of 2018. So, by stopping now we can continue to support the service in “run-off” for 16 months rather than 6 if we waited.

Next, we are rebuilding our website so taking eBooks down now simplifies our job during the launch of the new site.

And lastly, we are assessing a new system that so far looks much better.

Ongoing support for eBook purchasers

Your eBooks are yours and will be there in your readers, this has no effect on your use of them. As some eBook buyers are aware, it’s rather awkward getting the tokens to work with the Adobe Digital Editions software and all that kerfuffle. It certainly needs a level of IT confidence. If you are experiencing difficulties, please get in touch through the website Contact Form.

Taking down the service

In the New Year we will be emailing everyone who has purchased an eBook to confirm these changes and to prepare for the end of the current system. We will also announce the new approach we will be taking as soon as testing is complete.

How can I buy Cicerone eBooks in the meantime?

The Cicerone site currently has links to Amazon Kindle. We have expanded this to include Google Play and Kobo, (and hopefully Apple iBooks later). These sellers all provide readers and purchasing services.

The new website

We have been working hard on this through the year, even back into last year. It is quite a big site now with nearly 400 books (and all sorts of different options around them. Also, we now have over 800 Cicerone-Extra and blog articles, all of which we have bought forward to the new site. The planned launch is October/November this year so we will be looking for feedback over the Autumn. If you'd like to be involved in early testing please let us know using the Contact Form.

Any more information

Please let us have any further questions through the Contact Form.

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