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Hiking and Trekking in the Japan Alps and Mount Fuji

Northern, Central and Southern Alps

English-language guidebook to the Japan Alps, featuring 27 walks and treks in the North, Central and South Alps, and the Mt Fuji area. Routes range from short, easy walks to long, tough treks and thrilling scrambles. Covers popular areas of Hakuba, Tateyama, Kamikochi, Kawaguchiko. With full information on travel, camping, mountain huts and more.


Mostly summer and autumn routes (from July until late October), with a handful of spring and year-round walks.


Hakuba, Murodō and Kamikōchi (North Alps), Komagane (Central Alps), Hirogawara and Sawarajima (South Alps), Kawaguchiko and Mt Fuji area


Routes range from short and easy walks to long, tough treks and committing, steep scrambles. No specialist equipment is required, although crampons are recommended for snow fields.

Must See

Yari-ga-take, Shirouma, Hotaka, Tateyama, Norikura, Kita-dake and the iconic Mt. Fuji; the alpine hubs of Kamikōchi and Murodō
8 Mar 2019
5 Aug 2021
17.20 x 11.60 x 2.10cm

A guidebook to 13 short treks and 14 day walks in the Japan Alps and on Mount Fuji. Routes are graded by difficulty and range from relatively short walks on easy terrain to strenuous mountain excursions, sometimes involving scrambling, aided sections and considerable exposure.

The routes cover the North , Central and South Alps, with each chapter offering information on local bases and public transport access. Also included are the four main ascent routes on Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain. The treks range from 2–8 days and the day walks from 4 to 20km (3–15 hours).

  • 1:50,000 mapping provided for each route
  • GPX files available to download
  • All you need to know about visiting the Japan Alps and Mount Fuji
  • Comprehensive information on the region’s excellent facilities, which include mountain huts and hot-spring baths
  • Japanese glossary

Table of Contents

By Tom Fay

Tom Fay is a British writer and teacher based in Osaka, and he has been living in Japan for well over a decade. Growing up in the hills of North Wales, the mountains of Snowdonia were his first outdoor 'love', and he still returns there year after year. He has since hiked and climbed in many places including Scotland, Iceland, China, South Korea, New Zealand, the Himalayas and every corner of Japan. Tom writes about travel and the outdoors for a variety of publications and media outlets, and is the author of a popular guidebook called 'Must-See Japan'. He is a member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild.

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By Wes Lang

Wes Lang has been exploring Japan's mountains since relocating to the country in 2001. In 2008 he became the first American (and one of only a handful of foreigners) to climb the Hyakumeizan, Japan's 100 Famous Mountains. He has since gone on to complete the Kansai Hyakumeizan (100 mountains of the Kansai region) and is currently attempting to climb the highest mountain in each of Japan's 47 Prefectures. He is the founder of Hiking in Japan, a website providing comprehensive hiking information for the Hyakumeizan and beyond. His travels have taken him to the mountains of South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand and throughout the US. Wes lives in Osaka with his Japanese wife and young daughter.

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