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Walking and Trekking in Zagori

Walking routes in Greece's wild and beautiful northern Pindos mountains

Guidebook to 30 walks and 3 treks centred on Zagori and Konitsa in mainland Greece. From easy strolls to demanding hikes along remote mountainous traverses, including the rugged peaks of Mt Timfi and Mt Smolikas in the Pindos range, Drakolimni Lake, and the dramatic Vikos Gorge. With background information on architecture, history and wildlife.


The best time to walk the routes is in springtime (end of May - June) and autumn (September - October) when the sun and temperatures are milder and the region quieter.


Kipi, Dilofo, Tsepelovo, Monodendri, Elafotopos, Papigo, Konitsa, Pades, Metsovo, Vovousa


Routes range from easy one-hour strolls on clear and well-waymarked paths suitable for all hikers (Grade 1) to strenuous ascents and rugged non-technical mountainous routes for which a very good level of fitness, route-finding skills and experience in high mountain terrain are required (Grade 4).

Must See

Vikos Gorge; scenic villages with unique architecture; amazing 18th-century stone bridges and cobblestone path network; Drakolimni alpine tarns (also known as the Dragonlakes); rafting opportunities on the Voidomatis River; stunning mountain scenery; the mystical Valia Calda National Park
11 Jan 2019
17.20 x 11.60 x 1.50cm

A guidebook to 30 day walks, plus 3 mini-treks, in the Zagori region of north-western Greece. Taking in both the stunning mountain scenery of the Pindos and the region’s historic architecture, the graded routes range from easy strolls on clear waymarked paths to strenuous mountain hikes calling for good fitness, route-finding skills and experience in high mountain terrain.

The day walks vary from 3 to 24km (2–15 miles) and can be enjoyed in 1–8 hours; the treks span 2–3 days. Routes are split between five geographical areas covering central Zagori; Vikos Gorge; Mount Timfi; Konitsa and Mount Smolikas; and Valia Calda National Park and Metsovo.

  • Clear route description illustrated with 1:50,000 mapping
  • GPX files available for download
  • Local points of interest, plus history, geology, plants and wildlife
  • Includes the Drakolimni ‘Dragonlakes’ and ascents of Mount Smolikas (Greece’s second highest mountain) and Mount Timfi
  • Sized to easily fit in a jacket pocket

Table of Contents

By Aris Leontaritis

Aris Leontaritis was born in Athens, where he studied and worked as a mechanical engineer for a few years before his love for the mountains and their nature inspired him to change direction. Already connected with the region of Epirus as a visitor, he moved to Metsovo to participate in a postgraduate program on the development prospects of mountainous regions, with respect to the preservation of local identity, culture and environment.

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