Map and Compass

A comprehensive guide to navigation

By Pete Hawkins

An instructive guidebook explaining map and compass techniques, to help readers enhance their outdoor experiences. Whether you are experienced in map-reading, or have never used a compass before, this guidebook will sharpen your skills and have you exploring new areas in no time. There are also tips for GPS and digital mapping technologies.





Covers everything from basic map-reading skills to advanced techniques for navigating in bad visibility on tricky terrain
5 Mar 2013
10 May 2018
21.6 x 13.8 x 1.1cm
  • Overview

    Knowing how to use a map and compass is a liberating experience. If you can invent your own routes and get away from the crowds with confidence, it will add an extra dimension to your experience of the great outdoors.

    This comprehensive guide to navigation, using a map and compass as well as GPS and other technologies, will give you the confidence to do just that. Expert navigation coach Pete Hawkins shares his experience and practical tips to offer all readers the inspiration and information they need to get off the beaten track and explore the landscape for themselves.

    This guidebook offers a wealth of knowledge to inexperienced map readers, with clear instruction on all the basic methods needed for effective navigation. However, the more technical aspects such as using a map in poor weather conditions and on unfamiliar terrain means that even accomplished navigators will find this book useful and informative.

    The first part of the book looks in detail at the map, how to choose the right map for your activity and how to learn to pick out the features that are important and disregard the ones that are not. It then moves on to a range of techniques for using a compass to navigate in good conditions and bad, whatever the terrain and visibility. Also included are tips on using digital mapping and GPS and navigating abroad.

    Pete Hawkins is also the author of the Cicerone mini-guide Navigation and Navigating with a GPS.

  • Contents

    Preface to the second edition     

    Chapter 1: Why Learn to Navigate?      
    Chapter 2: Introducing the Map      
    Chapter 3: Map Detail      
    Chapter 4: Grid Lines and References      
    Chapter 5: Understanding Contours      
    Chapter 6: Planning Your Walks      
    Chapter 7: Introducing the Compass      
    Chapter 8: What do we Mean by a Bearing?      
    Chapter 9: Walking with Your Compass      
    Chapter 10: Timing, Pacing and Other Techniques      
    Chapter 11: On Getting Lost!      
    Chapter 12: Rain, Mist and Darkness      
    Chapter 13: Navigating Abroad      
    Chapter 14: GPSs and Other Technology      
    Chapter 15: Further Practice     

    Appendix A: Useful Addresses      


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    August 2013

    Appendix A - Useful Addresses

    The Mountainwalking Leader Training Board information is now out of date. It should read:

    Mountain Training
    Siabod Cottage
    Capel Curig
    LL24 0ES
    Tel 01670 720272

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Pete Hawkins

Pete Hawkins trained as a geography teacher and taught in schools for a year before escaping to the Peak National Park's Environmental Centre for an outdoor job. He took over map and compass training and has since written for a variety of outdoor magazines. He now leads walking holidays around the world from his base in the Peak District.

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