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Master Navigation, Map and Compass Techniques with a Cicerone guidebook Handbook - Introduction

Cover of Navigation
8 Feb 2017
15.5 x 10.0 x 0.8cm
1st Published
25 Jan 2007
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Using your map and compass

by Pete Hawkins
Book published by Cicerone Press

This handbook to navigation - the practical technique of map and compass - will help you master the necessary skills for mountain walking. As a small, pocket guide, this is an ideal companion to take into the hills. Chapters include instruction in map reading, bearings, route planning, night navigation and bad weather, as well as with a GPS.

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Owning a compass isn’t everything.  Knowing how and when to use it is!  Contrary to what many walkers think, using a compass is straightforward and easy to learn.

This practical handbook to navigation - the techniques of using map and compass - will help you master the key skills necessary for walking and mountaineering in the mountains. As a small, pocket guide, this is an ideal companion to take into the hills, and since practice will make perfect, time spent navigating will provide the freedom and confidence to enjoy our hills and mountains. Chapters include instruction in map reading, taking bearings, route planning, navigation at night or in bad weather, as well as details on GPS navigation. Navigation is a fundamental skill, and with this handbook, you can enjoy exploring the wilds with confidence.

Pete Hawkins is a qualified mountain leader, freelance journalist and the author of Map and Compass published by Cicerone. He writes the monthly navigation column for a leading leading walking magazine.

  • This mini-guide handbook is small, lightweight and pocket-size  
  • includes a PVC jacket and comes complete with a Navigational Aid card
  • with full-colour diagrams and photography throughout, this handbook will have you enjoying the hills to their utmost.
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Preface by Alan Hinkes OBE   

Chapter 1    Why Use a Map and Compass?   
Chapter 2    Map Essentials – Scales and Grids    
Chapter 3    Map Symbols and Contours   
Chapter 4    Walking with the Map    
Chapter 5    Choosing your Compass    
Chapter 6    Taking a Bearing from the Map   
Chapter 7    Taking a Bearing from the Ground   
Chapter 8    Walking with Map and Compass   
Chapter 9    Route Planning   
Chapter 10    Night and Bad Weather Navigation   
Chapter 11     New Technology – GPS and Computer Mapping   
Chapter 12    Where Now?   

Appendix I Answers to Questions  
Appendix II Useful Contacts and Addresses   
Appendix III Further Reading   
Appendix IV Navigational Aid   


As I sit at my computer writing this book, maps and compasses, the tools of the trade of the walker and hiker, surround me. A dozen compasses hang from shelves to my right, and behind me a stack of maps threatens to overwhelm their perch. Piles of CD-ROMs containing digital maps sit nearby, and there are at least four GPS receivers cluttering up the top of the filing cabinet. Navigation is very much a part of my life.

I started using maps and compasses in earnest over 20 years ago, and since then have derived a great deal of pleasure from them. Yet many people venturing into the hills and mountains consider them almost as an add-on, a second thought. Call it cowardice if you like – I prefer to call it common sense – but I would never think of going for a walk without a map at the very least.

Maps are a tremendous source of information and inspiration. They are a graphical representation of what we find on the ground and provide an excellent picture of what you’re likely to find whilst out on a walk. They’ll entice you to explore new areas or to reassess those you thought you knew well.

Owning a compass isn’t everything; knowing how and when to use it is! Contrary to what many walkers believe using a compass is straightforward and an easy skill to learn. The difficult part is knowing when it would be wise to use your skills, and when not to.

This practical guide will help you get the most out of your map and give you the key skills to using your compass. Then it’s down to you. As with any technique, knowledge alone isn’t enough. Practice will make perfect, and with that will come the freedom and confidence to enjoy our hills and mountains.

Pete Hawkins, 2007

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