The GR5 Trail - Benelux and Lorraine

The North Sea to Schirmeck in the Vosges mountains

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Not Yet Published
15 Sep 2018
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.8cm

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Guidebook to walking the northern section of the GR5 - 1000km starting in Hoek van Holland and passing through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Lorraine to Schirmeck in France. A long-distance route covering a variety of cultures and landscapes. The full GR5 from the North Sea to the Mediterranean is one of the world's greatest trails.

Seasons Seasons
A three-season trail, best between April and October. Abundant public transport links even make it possible to seize an opportunity to walk on the GR5 during fine days in winter.
Centres Centres
End points: Hoek van Holland and Schirmeck; numerous cities between them: Bergen op Zoom, Diest, Maastricht, Spa, Vianden, Echternach, Metz.
Difficulty Difficulty
The GR5 Trail - Benelux and Lorraine, also known as 'The Northern GR5' is relatively easy: level terrain in the Netherlands and Flanders; hilly, but not difficult in Wallonia and Luxembourg; mostly gentle slopes in Lorraine. The final stages of the walk enter the Vosges Mountains, where trails are steeper. No special equipment is needed, just comfortable walking shoes; some people use trekking poles.
Must See Must See
Voornes Duin (Netherlands); Maten Nature Reserve (Flanders); Fagne de Malchamps (Ardennes); Little Switzerland (Luxembourg); Côte de Moselle hills and forests (Lorraine). Cities: Bergen op Zoom, Diest, Maastricht, Echternach and Metz. Museums: not just art (Pompidou-Metz); there are also museums dedicated to social history (Bokrijk), tugboats, flint, papier mâché and salt. Other highlights: historic churches and abbeys, medieval castles and modern fortifications.
Not Yet Published
15 Sep 2018
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.8cm
  • Overview

    Guidebook to the northernmost section of the GR5 - from Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands, through Belgium and Luxembourg, to Schirmeck in the northeast of France. Described over 49 stages, this 1000 kilometre section of the GR5 is relatively easy and ideal for those who don't want to hike up and down steep mountains - or not just yet.

    Clear route description is accompanied by 1:100K mapping, together with information on points of interest passed along the way. Background information on landscape, wildlife and history is included, as is practical information - everything from clothing, equipment, food, drink and waymarking to maps, money and staying in touch - making planning and executing a trip as easy as possible.

    One of the world's best long distance walking trails, the GR5, in its entirety, covers an impressive 1423 miles (2290km) on its way from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. This northern stretch - before the trail hits the depth of the Vosges - is as much a cultural experience as it is a walk through nature. Walkers will discover different linguistic communities, culinary traditions and architecture. Those partial to museums will also be in for a treat - from tugboats to wine, salt to flint, the route passes by an impressive array of interesting cultural institutions.

  • Contents

    What it’s like to hike the Northern GR5
    When to go
    Getting there (and back)
    Food and drink
    Clothing and equipment
    Staying in touch
    Health and safety
    Using this guide
    1 The Netherlands
    Stage 1 Hoek van Holland to Maasland
    Stage 2 Maasland to Brielle
    Stage 3 Brielle to Rockanje
    Stage 4 Rockanje to Goedereede
    Stage 5 Goedereede to Herkingen
    Stage 6 Herkingen to Nieuw-Vossemeer
    Stage 7 Nieuw-Vossemeer to Bergen op Zoom
    2 Flanders
    Stage 8 Bergen op Zoom to Kalmthout
    Stage 9 Kalmthout to Brecht
    Stage 10 Brecht to Zoersel
    Stage 11 Zoersel to Herentals
    Stage 12 Herentals to Westerlo
    Stage 13 Westerlo to Scherpenheuvel
    Stage 14 Scherpenheuvel to Diest
    Stage 15 Diest to Lummen
    Stage 16 Lummen to Stokrooie
    Stage 17 Stokrooie to Bokrijk Provincial Domain
    Stage 18 Bokrijk Provincial Domain to Zutendaal
    Stage 19 Zutendaal to Maastricht
    Stage 20 Maastricht to Eben-Emael
    3 Wallonia
    Stage 21 Eben-Emael to Visé
    Stage 22 Visé to Soumagne
    Stage 23 Soumagne to Banneux
    Stage 24 Banneux to Spa
    Stage 25 Spa to Stavelot
    Stage 26 Stavelot to Commanster
    Stage 27 Commanster to Ouren
    4 Luxembourg
    Stage 28 Ouren to Obereisenbach
    Stage 29 Obereisenbach to Vianden
    Stage 30 Vianden to Bleesbréck
    Stage 31 Bleesbréck to Beaufort
    Stage 32 Beaufort to Echternach
    Stage 33 Echternach to Wasserbillig
    Stage 34 Wasserbillig to Grevenmacher
    Stage 35 Grevenmacher to Remich
    Stage 36 Remich to Montenach
    5 Lorraine
    Stage 37 Montenach to Saint-Hubert
    Stage 38 Saint-Hubert to Metz
    Stage 39 Metz to Gorze
    Stage 40 Gorze to Pagny-sur-Moselle
    Stage 41 Pagny-sur-Moselle to Montauville
    Stage 42 Montauville to Liverdun
    Stage 43 Liverdun to Bioncourt
    Stage 44 Bioncourt to Vic-sur-Seille
    Stage 45 Vic-sur-Seille to Tarquimpol
    Stage 46 Tarquimpol to Gondrexange
    Stage 47 Gondrexange to Abreschviller
    Stage 48 Abreschviller to Col du Donon
    Stage 49 Col du Donon to Schirmeck

    Appendix A Route planner
    Appendix B Four 5-day itineraries on the GR5
    Appendix C Accommodation along the route
    Appendix D Useful contacts
    Appendix E A little Dutch and French for hikers

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Carroll Dorgan

Carroll Dorgan

Carroll Dorgan has lived in many countries: born and educated in the United States, he taught history in international schools in Iran, Belgium, England and France. His first project after retiring was to hike the entire GR5. He is now working on a guide to the Northern GR5 (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Lorraine) that will be published by Cicerone.

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