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An intro to the Great Glen Way
An intro to the Great Glen Way

An intro to... the Great Glen Way

Have you ever wanted to walk the Great Glen Way? Here is a very quick introduction to this ideal first time long distance trail.

Where is it and how far is it?

The Great Glen Way runs from Fort William to Inverness and, at 126 km/78 miles, can be easily completed in one week.

Why should you walk it?

Who doesn't want to walk along a geological fault-line? If that's not enough to persuade you then the fact that this walk can be done in a single week off is fairly compelling if you do not have the luxury of several weeks to dedicate to walking. The main route is also easy and low level but you can choose higher level options if you prefer.

The Great Glen Way Can Be Walked In All Seasons
The Great Glen Way can be walked in all seasons

When should you go?

The Great Glen Way can be walked in all seasons but be mindful of midges and crowds in summer and snow and closed facilities in winter.

Where should you stay?

There are plenty of options for both accommodation and meals on this trail but they can be grouped around the more popular touristed areas so you will need to plan your meals and overnights carefully. There is a useful facilities listing which is available free from tourist information offices or the Great Glen Way rangers. It can also be downloaded from the Great Glen Way website.

Best bit:

Paddy Dillon calls the Great Glen Way "the most remarkable valley in the whole of Britain" so choosing a best bit is tough. But Loch Ness is wonderful - looking for glimpses of "Nessie" and wondering at the sheer volume of water - enough to submerge the entire population of the world!

Looking For Glimpses Of Nessie
Looking For Glimpses Of "Nessie"

More Information:

The Great Glen Way website

The Great Glen Way guidebook by Paddy Dillon

The National Trails guidebook by Paddy Dillon

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Have you walked the Great Glen Way?

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