Cycling Adventures in St Jean de Maurienne

Andy Hodges, author of the recently published 'Mountain Adventures in the Maurienne' has been exploring the area around St Jean de Maurienne by bike this summer with his wife Sue. The area is surrounded by beautiful mountains and quiet mountain valleys. The via ferrata, roadside climbing and glaciated peaks all look inspiring too...

Mountain Adventures in the Maurienne Guidebook

Mountain Adventures in the Maurienne

Summer routes for a multi-activity holiday in the French Alps


This guide offers a selection of day walks, mountaineering routes, via ferratas, rock climbs, mountain biking, road cycling and treks for a multi-activity holiday in the Haute Maurienne, in the French Alps. Easily accessible, with the Vanoise National Park to the north, and the Écrins to the south. Ideal for multi activity holidays.

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Every Tour de France supporter will know the mountains of the Maurienne. Many a champion has been made on these slopes. The mighty Galibier, the demure Madeleine, the iron hard Croix de Fer: they all stare dispassionately down upon any cyclist daring to challenge the mountains' slopes. Rarely will they pity any efforts to gain the summit. But once there the effort, the tireless struggle, and the pain, are worth it. Views to snow capped mountains stretch as far as the eye can see.

Far below mere mortals are going about their everyday business whilst cyclists touch the sky and share the rewards of a labour tough enough to have challenged the mighty Heracles. It isn't difficult to understand folklore belief, the high peaks to be the domain of the gods.

Thanks to an invitation from the local Tourist Office we had a chance to visit the area for a few days. We were also fortunate enough to be given their newly designed cycling jersey which features ten cols and climbs synonymous with the Maurienne: l'Iseran, Galibier, Telegraphe, Madeleine, Glandon, Croix de Fer, Mollard, Mont Cenis, Toussuire, Grand Cucheron. What a bunch!

We decided to ride them all! But there are tranquil routes along bubbling rivers and flower carpeted meadows to be enjoyed too. The magnificent mountains add a breathtaking backdrop to a lazy picnic of local cheeses, fruit, bread and wine. Food fit for the gods of cycling too!

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