Via Ferratas of the Italian Dolomites Volume 1

75 routes - north, central and east ranges

By James Rushforth

Guidebook to via ferrata routes in the Italian Dolomites covering the northern, central and eastern regions, including Cortina, Fassa, Sesto, Canazei and Corvara, with advice on choosing the best base. Comprehensive route descriptions for 75 graded routes with maps, topos and stunning photography. Part of a 2-volume set.



season runs from June until late September, though arguably the best conditions coincide with the lift opening dates - late June to mid September


Arabba, Auronzo, Badia, Bolzano, Brunico, Canazei, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Corvara, La Villa, Misurina, Moena, Ortisei, Pozza, San Cassiano, Santa Cristina, Selva, Sesto


Via ferrata will appeal to walkers, scramblers and climbers with a good head for heights; routes graded by difficulty and seriousness, with something for every ability; via ferrata kit (helmet, harness and VF lanyard) required for all routes in this guide
Must See

Must See

some of the most unique and magnificent mountain scenery on the planet; Corvara, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Selva, Alta Badia, Falzarego, Giau, Sella, Marmolada, Tre Cime (Drei Zinnen), Tofana, Lagazuoi, Val Gardena, Via Ferrata Tridentina, Fanis, Fanes, Passo Fedaia, Lago di Sorapiss, Croda da Lago, Sassolungo, Alpe di Siusi, Val di Fassa, Langkofel, Catinaccio (Rosengarten)
11 Jan 2018
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.8cm
  • Overview

    This guidebook presents 75 via ferrata routes in the stunning Italian Dolomites. Part of a 2-volume set, it covers the northern, central and eastern regions, including Cortina, Fassa, Sesto, Canazei and Corvara. Routes are graded by technical difficulty and seriousness and there are comprehensive route descriptions accompanied by access notes, maps and topos. Stunning photography completes this inspirational guide to some of the most breathtaking via ferrata routes in the world.

    The Italian Dolomites boast some of the most magnificent mountain scenery on the planet and some of the most iconic. Soaring rocky spires and jagged ridgelines are interspersed with gentle valleys and idyllic mountain villages. The Dolomites are also home to the world's greatest concentration of via ferratas - mountain routes or climbs that are protected by a series of cables, metal rungs, pegs and ladders.

  • Contents

    What is a via ferrata?
    Using this guide
    When to go
    Getting there
    Getting around
    Maps and place names
    Route gradings
    Cable etiquette
    What to wear
    Accidents and mountain rescue
    A brief history
    Plant life
    Val di Fassa/Canazei
    Route 1 Sentiero Massimiliano
    Route 2 Via Ferrata Laurenzi
    Route 3 Via Ferrata Passo Santner
    Route 4 Via Ferrata Roda di Vaèl
    Route 5 Via Ferrata Masare
    Route 6 Via Ferrata Catinaccio d’Antermoia
    Route 7 Via Ferrata Franco Gadotti
    Route 8 Via Ferrata I Magnifici Quattro
    Route 9 Via Ferrata Kaiserjäger
    Route 10 Sentiero Attrezzato Bepi Zac
    Route 11 Via Ferrata Paolin-Piccolin
    Route 12 Via Ferrata dei Finanzieri
    Route 13 Via Ferrata Hans Seyffert
    Route 14 Via Ferrata Eterna Brigata Cadore
    Route 15 Via Ferrata Sass Rigais Est/Sud
    Route 16 Sentiero Attrezzato Piz Duledes
    Route 17 Via Ferrata Sandro Pertini (closed and wire removed)
    Route 18 Via Ferrata Oskar Schuster
    Route 19 Via Ferrata Col Rodella
    Route 20 Via Ferrata Mesules (Pössnecker)
    Badia/La Villa
    Route 21 Sentiero Attrezzato Günther Messner
    Route 22 Sentiero Attrezzato Sass de Putia
    Route 23 Via Ferrata Sasso Santa Croce
    Route 24 Sentiero Attrezzato Piz de les Conturines
    Route 25 Via Ferrata Furcia Rossa
    Route 26 Via Ferrata Piz da Cir V
    Route 27 Sentiero Attrezzato Gran Cir
    Route 28 Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina
    Route 29 Via Ferrata Vallon
    Route 30 Via Ferrata Piz da Lech
    Route 31 Sentiero Attrezzato Sassongher
    Route 32 Via Ferrata Cesare Piazzetta
    Route 33 Via Ferrata delle Trincee
    Route 34 Via Ferrata Sass de Rocia
    Route 35 Sentiero Attrezzato Col di Lana
    Route 36 Sentiero Attrezzato Sass de Stria
    Route 37 Via Ferrata Cesco Tomaselli
    Route 38 Sentiero dei Kaiserjäger
    Route 39 Sentiero Attrezzato Galleria del Lagazuoi
    Route 40 Via Ferrata degli Alpini al Col dei Bos
    Route 41 Via Ferrata Averau
    Route 42 Via Ferrata Ra Gusela
    Route 43 Via Ferrata Scala del Menighel
    Route 44 Via Ferrata Giovanni Lipella
    Route 45 Sentiero Attrezzato Grotta di Tofana
    Route 46 Sentiero Astaldi
    Route 47 Via Ferrata Punta Anna and Gianni Aglio
    Route 48 Via Ferrata Lamon and Formenton
    Route 49 Sentiero Giuseppe Olivieri
    Route 50 Via Ferrata Maria e Andrea Ferrari
    Route 51 Sentiero Attrezzato Giovanni Barbara/Lucio Dalaiti/Cengia de Mattia
    Route 52 Via Ferrata Ettore Bovero
    Route 53 Via Ferrata Michielli Strobel
    Route 54 Sentiero Attrezzato Terza Cengia del Pomagagnon
    Route 55 Sentiero Attrezzato Renè de Pol
    Route 56 Via Ferrata Ivano Dibona
    Route 57 Via Ferrata Marino Bianchi
    Route 58 Via Ferrata Sci Club 18
    Route 59 Via Ferrata Giro del Sorapiss
    Route 60 Sentiero Attrezzato Capitano Bilgeri/Monte Piana/Monte Piano
    Route 61 Via Ferrata Merlone
    Route 62 Sentiero Attrezzato Alberto Bonacossa
    Route 63 Sentiero delle Forcelle
    Route 64 Via Ferrata De Luca/Innerkofler
    Route 65 Via Ferrata delle Scalette/Curato Militare Hosp
    Route 66 Via Ferrata Strada degli Alpini
    Route 67 Via Ferrata Nord
    Route 68 Via Ferrata Mario Zandonella
    Route 69 Via Ferrata Aldo Roghel/Cengia Gabriella
    Route 70 Via Ferrata Mazzetta
    Route 71 Sentiero Cengia del Doge
    Route 72 Sentiero degli Alpini
    Route 73 Sentiero Attrezzato Amalio da Pra
    Route 74 Via Ferrata Sartor
    Route 75 Via Ferrata Via di Guerra/CAI Portogruaro

    Appendix A Useful contacts
    Appendix B Glossary of mountain terms
    Appendix C Further reading

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James Rushforth

James' interest in mountaineering began at a young age, spending family holidays in the Lake District and North Wales, yet it wasn't long before his passion for rock took him further afield to explore the mountains of northern Europe. He moved to the Italian Dolomites where he began notching up a series of ascents and began his writing career by penning a number of articles about his climbs for the noted website UK Climbing. This in turn led to his first publication, Rock Climbs and Via Ferrata - The Dolomites, published by Rockfax and nominated for the Banff Film Festival Book Award. Very much an all-round mountaineer, James is also a keen ski tourer and ice climber and has spent many cold winter months exploring the couloirs and ice falls that adorn the rocky peaks of the Dolomites. Another passion which developed alongside his love for mountains and writing is photography, with his landscape and sports photography work gaining international acclaim.

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