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Walking on the Greek Islands - the Cyclades

Naxos and the 50km Naxos Strada, Paros, Amorgos, Santorini

Guidebook to 35 walks exploring the Greek islands of Naxos, Paros, Amorgos and Santorini in the Cyclades. Walks range from 4 to 17km, many using traditional working paths but some challenging sections. Includes the 5-stage Naxos Strada coast-to-coast route.


April-May for wildflowers, while September, October and early November for generally calm weather and clear paths. February-March can offer calm sunshine days and fabulous flowers, but can also be cold and wet.


Each of the four islands has its own main towns; Parikia on Paros, Chora on Naxos, Egiali and Katapola on Amorgos, Fira on Santorini.


Walks vary from 4km to 16km, easy to challenging. Traditional paved paths can be rough underfoot.

Must See

Wildflowers and aromatic shrubs; 2500 year old giant statues abandoned in their quarries; 9th century BC stone circles; Archaic citadels and medieval hilltop forts; remote monasteries and chapels embedded in mountains and cliffs; Cycladic villages; Mount Zas on Naxos, highest peak in the Cyclades; Santorini's sea-filled crater and layer-cake cliffs; 'The Big Blue' Cycladian ocean
16 May 2020
17.20 x 11.60 x 1.45cm

A guidebook to 35 day walks and a 5-day Naxos Strada coast-to-coast route in Greece’s Cycladic islands (Paros, Naxos, Amorgos and Santorini). The islands are linked by ferry, location and history but each offers a distinct walking experience from the peaceful rural monasteries of Paros and rugged mountains of Naxos, to starkly beautiful Amorgos and volcanic Santorini.

Walks range from 4 to 16km (2–10 miles) and can be enjoyed in 2–7 hours. They range from easy to challenging, with optional short-cuts, so there is something for beginner and experienced walkers alike. The Naxos Strada coast-to-coast route is described in 5 stages covering 52km (32 miles).

  • Anavasi maps are included for each walk
  • GPX files available to download
  • Detailed information on accommodation and ferries 
  • Refreshment and public transport options are given for each walk
  • Insights into Greek wildlife and history

Table of Contents

By Gilly Cameron-Cooper

Gilly Cameron-Cooper's main career was as a journalist, non-fiction author and editor, but in 2002 she and her husband Robin set up Walking Plus Ltd, the first company to offer guided and self-guided hiking holidays on the Greek Islands. While living in Athens, Gilly wrote for the English language press and produced consultation documents on sustainable tourism for the Greek government. She has hiked all over the world, publishing articles for national magazines and newspapers, and books on mythology, walking London's waterways, and Beatrix Potter's Lake District.

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