A proper Shropshire book launch

Hannah heads to Shrewsbury for the Shropshire Way guidebook launch... And a proper Shropshire cream tea.

The Shropshire Way has long been a walking route but in recent years had become a confusing jumble of smaller paths and loops. It needed clarification before a guidebook could be created and the Shropshire Way Association has negotiated and worked with Shropshire Council to identify a main route, design a new waymark and improve the footpath.

After years of hard work, walking and writing, the Shropshire Way Association have relaunched the main route with a new distinctive orange, black and white buzzard waymarker. John Gillham's guidebook is the official guidebook for the route and there was a launch to celebrate the new guidebook, the new route and the end of the Shropshire Way walking festival. We popped over to Meol Brace in Shrewsbury to have a cup of tea and enjoy the launch.

Kate Ashbrook, president of the Ramblers, has written a full report of the day here:


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