An intro to... The Cotswold Way

Have you ever wanted to walk the Cotswold Way? Here is a very quick introduction to this ideal first time trek.

Where is it and how far is it?

This quintessentially English trail starts in Chipping Campden and finishes in Bath but can easily be walked in either direction. The 102 mile (163km) route is divided into 13 stages and is usually walked in a two week holiday, although it can be walked in as little as 5 days!


The quintessentially English Cotswold Way

Why should you walk it?

The Cotswold Way is an ideal trek for first time trekkers - the lowland walking is not technically demanding and the route is well waymarked. But it's not a boring trek, taking in the beautiful Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, historic battlefields and dramatic views across the Severn Vale.

When should you go?

This walk can be enjoyed all year round. However, careful planning may be required as tourists flock to the area, particularly during the Cheltenham Festival (March) and Badminton Horse Trials (late April/May).

Where should you stay?

Camping is tricky along this route so you will find it easier to stay in B&Bs, hostels or hotels. There is an accommodation listing on the National Trail website and there is an online index available to Cicerone members who have purchased the guidebook.


Cicerone's Lesley and Cassie on The Cotswold Way

Best bit:

Apart from the scenery and delicious food along the route, the best bit must be having a place in the Hall of Fame after completing the long-distance challenge. You even get a pin badge.

More Information:

The Cotswold Way page on the National Trails website has lots of information

The Cotswold Way guidebook by Kev Reynolds describes the route in both directions

The National Trails guidebook by Paddy Dillon gives an overview of all the national trails

How to pack for a long distance trek - Cicerone Extra article

Have you walked the Cotswold Way?

Let us know your favourite part of the walk, or send us your best Cotswold Way photo, and receive a discount on your next purchase.

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