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Snowshoeing in the Alps near Chamonix

Feature · On 19 Nov 2014 by Hilary Sharp

International Mountain Leader Hilary Sharp describes the fun and techniques of snowshoeing in the French Alps near Chamonix – 'one of the most enjoyable activities you can do in the snow’.

Cycling classic Tour de France climbs

Feature · On 10 Aug 2014 by Andy Hodges

Every Tour de France supporter will know the mountains of the Maurienne. Many a champion has been made on these slopes. The mighty Galibier, the demure Madeleine, the iron-hard Croix...

Running the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

Feature · On 7 Aug 2014 by Hilary Sharp

A week before the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) I heard a quote on the TV. I wasn’t really listening but I thought it was someone making a tongue-in-cheek...
Trekking in the beautiful Silvretta and Ratikon Alps

Trekking in the beautiful Silvretta and Ratikon Alps

Video · On 7 May 2014 by Kev Reynolds

Over the past ten years, Cicerone author Kev Reynolds has spent many happy weeks trekking and exploring in the Silvretta and Ratikon Alps. Defining the borders of Switzerland, Austria and...

Trekking the GR5 - French Alps

Feature · On 7 Mar 2014 by Lesley Williams

The GR5 is a long distance route from Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) to Nice, via Chamonix, the Vanoise, Modane, Briancon, the Queyras, Larch, and the Mercantour National Park. Lesley Williams...
Why I wrote Via Ferratas of the French Alps

Why I wrote Via Ferratas of the French Alps

Article · On 24 Jan 2014 by Richard Miller

Cicerone author Richard Miller tells us about how to came to write the guidebook to Via Ferratas of the French Alps and what he loves about the area. Like so...

So, which trek to do next?

Article · On 6 Jan 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Karen from Billings, Montana emailed to ask for suggestions for which alpine trek she should tackle next after her Chamonix-Zermatt and Alta Via 2 treks. Cicerone publisher Jonathan Williams runs...
Alpine Trek

Where to go for a first Alpine trek?

Article · On 7 Aug 2013

Contained within a fortnight's holiday, the Tour of the Queyras would make a splendid introduction to trekking in the Alps. The Queyras is a dramatic region of the French Alps...
Early season snow in the Alps

Watch out for early season snow in the Alps

Article · On 9 Jul 2013 by Jonathan Williams

Stay safe on your Alpine walking holiday this summer.
Chamonix Zermatt Video

Chamonix to Zermatt walkers route

Video · On 11 Mar 2013

A short video recorded during a trek in September 2010. The walkers haute route from Chamonix to Zermatt is an 180km trail taking between 12-14 days to complete. Trekking from...
Europe Alps

Canyoning adventures in Alpine high water and deep gorges

Article · On 31 Oct 2012 by Simon Flower

I'd been threatening to write a canyoning guide for a couple of years, scribbling ideas on the back of beermats and waxing lyrical to all who'd listen, before my partner...
Why choose to check the GR5 French Alps

Why choose to trek the GR5 through the French Alps?

Article · On 9 Oct 2012 by Lesley Williams

A graceful ridge soars away to the south, its flanks of grass and faded alpen rose like rippled antique green velvet, enticing your eyes and quickening your heart. This was...
Stelvio National Park

Close encounters of the bird kind in Italy's Stelvio National Park

Article · On 28 Sep 2012 by Gillian Price

It was one of those crystal clear days in the Alps when you can see all the way to Mont Blanc, and Cicerone author Gillian Price and her partner Nicola...
The Matterhorn

The Tour of the Matterhorn: trekking around an Alpine icon

Article · On 3 Aug 2012 by Hilary Sharp

At 4478m, the Matterhorn represents the classic mountain. It is neither the highest Alpine summit, nor the most difficult, but it is a peak that is recognised worldwide. Its shape...
Stubai Glacier Tour

Austria's Stubai Glacier Tour: a perfect summer trekking challenge

Article · On 12 Jun 2012 by Allan Hartley

Not got any plans for the summer yet? Looking for a challenge and stunning scenery? Then this is the trek for you. Austria is renown for having fabulous mountain treks...
Tour of Mont Blanc

Tour of Mont Blanc - Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise?

Article · On 12 Dec 2011 by Kev Reynolds

Although the Tour of Mont Blanc route is well established as an anti-clockwise circuit, there are arguments in favour of walking the TMB in a clockwise direction.
Hut trip to the Alps

Planning your first hut to hut trip to the Alps

Article · On 29 Nov 2011

Planning your first hut to hut trip. There has to be a first time for everyone. If you are 'into mountains' for walking, trekking or climbing, sooner or later the...