Mountain Biking in Slovenia

Julian Alps - Gorenjska and Soca Valley, South, Central and North East

By Rob Houghton

Guidebook to 35 full-day and half-day mountain biking routes in Slovenia. The routes, which are graded, range from 12 to 59km, taking in Gorenjska, Soca Valley, the South, as well as Central and North East Slovenia. Includes a Slovenian glossary plus all you need to know about getting there, getting about, bikes, equipment and accommodation.



most of the routes can be tackled from Spring to Autumn; a few in the more clement south could be tackled in Winter


Bled and Bohinj; Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin; Ajdovščina; Postojna; Kamnik; Maribor; Doljenske Toplice


vast majority of routes technically require only a reasonable amount of competence to complete; however, they often require a good level of fitness as most will include a climb that can go from stiff to brutal; there are also rides included that anyone should be able to complete and a few with a higher technical grade
Must See

Must See

Lakes Bled and Bohinj; the high Alpine pastures of the Julian Alps; beautiful River Soča; caves of the limestone Karst; Predjama Grad - the castle in a cave; vineyards of the South and East; historical sites from both world wars
3 Mar 2017
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.2cm
  • Overview

    Guidebook to 35 full and half day mountain biking routes in Slovenia. The graded routes, which range from technically not difficult but requiring a reasonable level of fitness to highly technical, requiring a high level of fitness and confident bike handling skills, vary in length from 12km to 59km. Routes are located in Gorenjska, Soca Valley, the South, as well as Central and North Eastern Slovenia.

    Full route descriptions are accompanied by gradient profiles and 1:75,000 mapping, together with practical information such as getting to and around Slovenia, travelling with the bike, arranging accommodation and dealing with emergency situations. A handy Slovenian language glossary is also included.

    Showcasing a remarkably diverse landscape, Slovenia is an idyllic (and incredibly, little known) mountain biking destination. From the towering peaks of Gorenjska and the stunning riverside trails of the Soca Valley to the tremendous limestone caves of the Karst region and the forests of the Nanos plateau in the country's south, there is endless opportunity for tough climbs, long descents and technical trails - as well as slow, scenic trips lakeside and through vineyard-laced landscapes - making it a perfect travel destination for the avid mountain biker.

  • Contents

    Getting there
    Getting around
    When to go
    Food and drink
    Emergency situations
    Using this guide
    Route 1 The high alpine at Uskovnica
    Route 2 In the foothills of Črna Prst
    Route 3 Across the Jelovica Plateau
    Route 4 To the Crone’s Tooth
    Route 5 Grahovše circular
    Route 6 Lake Zgornje
    Route 7 Peč and the three borders
    Route 8 Kranjska Gora circular
    The Soča Valley
    Route 9 Kobarid and the River Soča
    Route 10 Stol epic
    Route 11 Kobarid and the River Nadiža
    Route 12 Stol and the long descent
    Route 13 Planina Razor
    Route 14 Most na Soči Široko
    Route 15 The war memorial at Trnovo
    Route 16 The dark forests of Trnovo
    The South
    Route 17 The industrial heritage of Črni Vrh
    Route 18 Javornik
    Route 19 The Wine Region of Kras
    Route 20 Komen and its surrounds
    Route 21 Postojna classic
    Route 22 Lake Cerkno and the caves of Rakov Škocja
    Route 23 Lake Cerknica circular
    Route 24 Dolenjske Toplice and the Partisans’ forest
    Route 25 Dolenjske Toplice and Soteska
    Central and North-East
    Route 26 Velika Planina
    Route 27 Menina Planina
    Route 28 Jesenovo and Krvavica
    Route 29 The churches of Čreta
    Route 30 The nature reserve of Pohorje
    Route 31 Maribor and its surroundings
    Route 32 The Maribor downhill park
    Route 33 The Najevnik Linden Tree
    Route 34 The three valleys route
    Route 35 Peca

    Appendix A Slovenian language
    Appendix B Accommodation
    Appendix C Useful information

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  • Reviews

    [The author's] enthusiasm for the activity permeates every one of the 208pp. While there are innumerable spots all around Europe that might be deemed suitable for the cycling community, Slovenia has a particular relevance to mountain bikers, mainly because of its outstanding mix of biking routes, some of which are truly Alpine spectacular.

    Having read all about it, now I want to try it personally and this practical guide will accompany me.

    Iain Robertson

    Mountain Biking in Slovenia retails at £16.95 and you may well come to know a new fact about Slovenia for every penny spent on the book. Furthermore, Rob Houghton has led expeditions on five continents and has been a keen cyclist for a decade, so you will be guided expertly to a different and perhaps more untouched part of Europe.

    Ranjit Recommends, B-C-Ing U Magazine

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Rob Houghton

Rob Houghton has been an outdoor instructor, leader and educator for more years than he cares to remember and he has led educational expeditions on five continents. For as long as he can remember, Rob has always been a cyclist and his first bike was a Raleigh Striker back when they had fake suspension forks on the front. He only took up mountain biking ten years ago after a friend first took him around a trail centre in Wales. He was hooked.

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