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The Algarve: no high mountains but a charming coast and rugged landscape that's perfect for walkers

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The Algarve might not be considered a walking destination as there are no high mountains but venture past the beaches to enjoy some fantastic walking trails, diverse landscape and mild climate.

Portugal’s southernmost region, with its rugged coastline, hidden coves, rock-fringed sandy beaches and pleasant climate, has been attracting beach-loving tourists since the late 1960s. Small fishing villages have gradually grown into tourist resorts. Endless summer days see a great number of people in the coastal resorts. Admiring the sandy beaches surrounded by cliffs from the coastal path, it is not difficult to see why the sun-seekers come here.

For this reason, the Algarve is mostly known for its charming coast and inviting hot summers, but not too far from the busy beaches there are small, less-known villages where the way of life hasn’t changed greatly over the past decades. Leaving the busy coast, carob and cork oak populate the hillsides, and almond and olive trees provide ingredients for local products.

Walking is the best way to explore the Algarve’s surprisingly diverse scenery. The Algarve might not be considered a walking destination as there are no high mountains; however, there are two long-distance trails across the area. Shorter hiking and biking trails are advertised as well, and active holidays are encouraged for the growing number of people who want to explore beyond the sandy beaches. Many locals might think that walking for leisure is a strange activity, but they welcome the growing number of people who want to explore the diverse landscape on foot.

Craggy coastline towards Portinho do FornoFarol da Ponta da Piadede lighthouse comes into sightCoastal path with great views near Praia do Paradiso Walk 21Great views from the top of Miradouro dos PicosViews towards LagosThe levada channels water to the cultivated landsShrub bordered sandy path on the west coast Walk 32Views towards Praia do Burgau Walk 25Coastal path towards Praia do CarvoeiroBeautiful arches near Praia da MarinhaRocky coastline soon after Praia de Sao Rafael

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