Trekking in Greenland - The Arctic Circle Trail

From Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut

By Paddy Dillon

A comprehensive guidebook for hiking the Arctic Circle Trail, which crosses the largest ice-free area of West Greenland, 25-30 miles north of the Arctic Circle. At just over 100 miles long, and taking 7 to 10 days to complete, this splendid backpacking route runs from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut - both with airport access.



a summer walk, ideally from mid-June to mid-September, when the tundra is bursting with life; during the long winter, snow and ice, short days and bitter cold are the norm


start at Kangerlussuaq and finish at Sisimiut - vast empty landscapes inbetween


not particularly difficult, mostly gently graded, but with a few short, steep, rocky slopes but very remote; trekkers must be completely self-sufficient but basic huts are available at good intervals
Must See

Must See

trips to the ice cap; visiting an arctic desert; climbing Sugar Loaf; Kangerlussuaq; Tarajornitsut saline lakes; paddling the lake of Amitsorsuaq; beach at Kangerluatsiarsuaq; views from Iluliumanersuup Portornga; the valley below Nerumaq; the valley of Qerrortusup Majoriaa; Nasaasaaq; Sisimiut
22 Feb 2019
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.2cm
  • Overview

    At just over 100 miles long, and taking 7 to 10 days to complete, the Arctic Circle Trail crosses the largest ice-free patch of West Greenland. This splendid trekking route, lying 25-30 miles north of the Arctic Circle runs from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut (both of which have airport access). T

    he trail traverses remote, empty, silent and stunningly scenic arctic tundra, and is mostly gently graded with just a few short, steep and rocky slopes. However, the landscape between the two towns of Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut is extremely remote and those who choose to take on this route must be competely self-sufficient. The book includes plenty of practical information on what to take with you and when to go, as well as on safety, travel and accommodation.

    Fully illustrated with a variety of photographs and its route is highlighted on continuous trekking maps. The guide also includes an optional extension to the Greenlandic ice cap.

  • Contents


    The ice cap
    Plants and flowers
    Travelling to Greenland
    When to go
    Health and safety
    Food, drink and fuel
    Trekking in Greenland
    River crossings
    What to take
    Waymarking and access
    Using this guide
    The Arctic Circle Trail
    Preamble – ascent of Sugar Loaf
    Optional Extension – ice cap to Kangerlussuaq
    Day 1 Kangerlussuaq to Hundesø
    Day 2 Hundesø to Katiffik
    Day 3 Katiffik to Canoe Centre
    Day 4 Canoe Centre to Ikkattooq
    Day 5 Ikkattooq to Eqalugaarniarfik
    Day 6 Eqalugaarniarfik to Innajuattoq
    Day 7 Innajuattoq to Nerumaq
    Day 8 Nerumaq to Kangerluarsuk Tulleq
    Day 9 Kangerluarsuk Tulleq to Sisimiut
    Post-amble – Ascent of Nasaasaaq
    Appendix A Route summary table
    Appendix B Language notes and glossary
    Appendix C Useful contacts

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