Trekking in the Silvretta and Ratikon Alps

Tour of the Silvretta, the Prattigauer Hohenweg and the Ratikon Hohenweg plus 12 day routes

By Kev Reynolds

This guide describes three treks, between 5 and 8 days, in the Silvretta and Rätikon Alps starting near Klosters, and 12 half-day hut-to-hut routes. These contrasting ranges form a line on the borders of Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. The Tour of the Silvretta, the Prättigauer Höhenweg and the Rätikon Höhenweg.



When snow has melted from the high passes and all the huts are open, the treks are best tackled from late June until the end of September.


Since these are multi-day routes there are no bases as such, but the treks either bein at, or pass through, Klosters, Lavin, St Antönien, Nenzinger Himmel and Brand.


No technical difficulty or special equipment will be required to tackle these routes under normal summer conditions, but the 7-8 day Tour of the Silvretta has several challenging and remote passes to cross and is suitable for experienced trekkers. The 5-day Prättigauer Höhenweg and 7-8 day Rätikon Höhenweg are both moderate.
Must See

Must See

Three great trekking routes among such peaks as Piz Buin, Piz Linard, Dreiländerspitz, Schesaplana, Sulzfluh and Drusenfluh, crossing the Vereina Pass, Furcletta, Pass Futschöl, Hochmaderer Joch, Gross Furgga, Verajöchl and Plasseggenpass, and visiting villages like Lavin, Guarda and St Antönien. The Silvretta has snowfields and glaciers, the Rätikon is limestone and almost dolomitic in grandeur.
16 Apr 2014
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.2cm
  • Overview

    Straddling the borders of Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the limestone Rätikon Alps reach into the snow-bound and glacier-hung Silvretta Alps to provide a richly diverse series of landscapes. The Tour of the Silvretta, the Prättigauer Höhenweg and the Rätikon Höhenweg, all within easy reach of Klosters, have been devised to help trekkers explore the best of the region. Given sifficient time they can also be combined to create a continuous 2-week tour.

    The Silvretta and Rätikon may stand together, but their geology and landscapes are vastly different. Together, they feature picturesque alpine villages, a large selection of mountain huts and a range of walkers' passes to provide excellent trekking.

    This guide describes all three treks, step by step, as well as 12 short routes linking some of the area’s most idyllically-located huts, for those who prefer to plan their own tours.

    A Tour of the Silvretta Alps - this fairly strenuous hut-to-hut tour makes a counter-clockwise circuit of the Silvretta Alps over the course of about a week. With magnificent scenery throughout, there are several rugged passes to negotiate and a number of beautiful valleys to wander through.

    The Prattigauer Hohenweg - a medium-grade multi-day route that works its way along the south flank of the Silvretta and Ratikon mountains between Klosters and Landquart. This very fine trek is demanding in places, but it rewards with numerous memorable views especially of the abrupt walls of the Ratikon mountains.

    The Ratikon Hohenweg - the Ratikon Hohenweg Nord runs along the Austrian flank of the mountains, while a roughly parallel route known at the Ratikon Hohenweg Sud takes a similar course on the Swiss flank. By linking them at either end of the mountain range, a first class hut-to-hut circuit can be achieved.

    Along with detailed route descriptions, maps, information on travel to and around the area, practical tips on equipment and trekking logistics, as well as details on climbable peaks and points of interest, are all included.

    • 3 treks between 5 and 8 days long, suitable for moderately experienced trekkers, with optional side excursions to climb nearby peaks
    • 12 full- or half-day hut-to-hut routes
    • includes a hut directory with full information about all the mountain huts in the region, as well as language notes and recommended pre-holiday reading
  • Contents

    Trek outlines
    Linking all three treks
    Hut-to-hut routes
    Wildlife and alpine flowers
    When to go
    Getting there
    Notes for walkers
    Clothing and equipment
    Recommended maps
    Safety in the mountains
    Using this guide
    Trek 1: A Tour of the Silvretta Alps
    Prelude Klosters Platz to Berghaus Vereina
    Stage 1 Berghaus Vereina to Lavin
    Stage 2 Lavin to Chamanna Tuoi
    Stage 3 Chamanna Tuoi to the Jamtal Hut
    Stage 4 Jamtal Hut to the Wiesbadener Hut
    Stage 4A Jamtal Hut to the Bielerhöhe
    Stage 5 Wiesbadener Hut (or Bielerhöhe) to the Tübinger Hut
    Stage 6 Tübinger Hut to Klosters Platz
    Stage 6A Tübinger Hut to Schlappin
    Stage 6B Schlappin to Klosters Dorf
    Trek 2: The Prättigauer Höhenweg
    Stage 1 Klosters Platz to Schlappin
    Stage 2 Schlappin to St Antönien
    Stage 3 St Antönien to the Carschina Hut
    Stage 4 Carschina Hut to the Schesaplana Hut
    Stage 5 Schesaplana Hut to Seewis
    Trek 3: The Rätikon Höhenweg
    Stage 1 St Antönien to the Carschina Hut
    Stage 1a St Antönien to the Carschina Hut via Partnun
    Stage 2 Carschina Hut to the Schesaplana Hut
    Stage 3 Schesaplana Hut to Nenzinger Himmel
    Stage 4 Nenzinger Himmel to the Douglass Hut (or Brand)
    Side trip Ascent of the Schesaplana
    Stage 5 Douglass Hut to the Lindauer Hut
    Stage 6 Lindauer Hut to the Tilisuna Hut
    Side trip Ascent of the Sulzfluh
    Stage 7 Tilisuna Hut to St Antönien
    Hut-to-Hut routes
    Route 1 Wiesbadener Hut – Rote Furka – Silvretta Hut
    Route 2 Wiesbadener Hut – Litzner Sattel – Saarbrücker Hut
    Route 3 Saarbrücker Hut – Schweizerlücke – Plattenjoch – Seetal Hut
    Route 4 Schlappin – Schlappiner Joch – Gargellen
    Route 5 St Antönien – Tilisunafürggli – Tilisuna Hut
    Route 6 Tilisuna Hut – Plasseggenpass – Sarotla Joch – Gargellen
    Route 7 Tilisuna Hut – Tilisunafürggli – Carschina Hut
    Route 8 Carschina Hut – Drusator – Lindauer Hut
    Route 9 Douglass Hut – Lünerkrinne – Heinrich-Hueter Hut
    Route 10 Douglass Hut – Cavelljoch – Schesaplana Hut
    Route 11 Douglass Hut – Totalp Hut
    Route 12 Totalp Hut – Gamsluggen – Schesaplana Hut

    Appendix A Route summary table
    Appendix B The huts
    Appendix C Useful contacts
    Appendix D Language notes and glossary
    Appendix E Further reading

  • Maps

    All but a very small section of the Tour of the Silvretta Alps is found on the Kümmerley + Frey Wanderkarte, Unterengadin (Engiadina Bassa) map at 1:60,000 scale. The only section missing includes Klosters and Monbiel at the start and finish of the trek, but this is covered by the same publisher’s Prättigau-Albula sheet. Trails and huts are clearly marked in red on both maps, whose scale should be perfectly adequate for most occasions. Should you require greater detail, the DAV has produced an excellent 1:25,000 sheet covering all the Austrian side of the Silvretta, as well as a good proportion of the Swiss flank, under the heading Alpenvereinskarte 26 Silvrettagruppe.

    Kümmerley + Frey’s Prättigau-Albula not only overlaps a section of the Tour of the Silvretta, it’s also ideal for trekkers following the Prättigauer Höhenweg where the whole route is covered.

    The same sheet (Prättigau-Albula) includes all of the Rätikon Höhenweg, although if you plan to approach Nenzinger Himmel or Brand from the north, you will need an Austrian map such as Freytag & Berndt’s 1:50,000 scale WK374 which covers the Austrian flank of the Rätikon and Silvretta Alps as far east as the Fimbertal.

    Available locally, a very fine map at a scale of 1:40,000 with the title Schesaplana Wanderkarte shows all the huts and footpaths highlighted in red (the Prättigauer Höhenweg is marked in green). On the reverse is a depiction of the main footpaths with estimated walking times between selected points. This sheet includes the whole of the Prättigauer Höhenweg trek and that of the Rätikon Höhenweg, but does not extend into the Silvretta range.

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    May 2019

    Please note that the Totalp Hut used on the ascent of Schesaplana as a side trip from the Rätikon Höhenweg, and on Routes 11 and 12 in the Hut to Hut section of the book, has been destroyed by avalanche and will therefore be out of use until it can be rebuilt.

    Aug 2018

    page 63: Please note there is a small shop attached to the hotel/restaurant at the eastern end of the Bielerhöhe
    page 65: The route to the Tübinger Hut is now signed from the track/dirt road you join after crossing the Kromer Bach. Walk up the track for about 20m where you will then find waymarks on the right.
    page 126: Brand has an ATM if you’re running short of cash.

    May 2014

    Since this guide went to print, the following website addresses have changed:

    When to go has changed to

    TREK 1
    Stage 2 Lavin to Chamanna Tuoi has changed to

    TREK 2 has changed to

    Appendix C has changed to has changed to

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