Walking in Austria

101 routes - day walks, multi-day treks and classic hut-to-hut tours

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16 Sep 2016
17.2 x 11.6 x 2.3cm

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A comprehensive guidebook to walking routes in Austria. 101 routes, day walks, multi-day treks and classic hut-to-hut tours in the Ratikon, Silvretta, Stubai, and Zillertal Alps, the Hohe Tauern, and the Karawanken. With information on transport, accommodation, gear and safety, plus full details of over a hundred Austrian mountain huts.

Seasons Seasons
Austrian mountain huts are staffed from July to the end of September, but often open for longer. Campsites are open from May to September. Valley walking from April; mountain walking from June (peaks over 1500m snow free by end of May to late October).
Centres Centres
Brand, Schruns, Tschagguns, Gargelle, St Gallenkirch, Gaschurn, Bielerhöhe, Galtür, Ischgl, Feichten, Plangeross, Mandarfen, Längenfeld, Sölden, Obergurgl, Längenfeld, Kühtai, Gries im Sellrain, Neustift, Zell am Ziller, Mayrhofen, Finkenberg, Westendorf, Brixen, Kitzbühel, Söll, Scheffau, Ellmau, Saalbach, Hinterglemm, Zell am See, Kufstein, Scheffau, Ellmau, Going, St Johann in Tirol, Filzmoos, Ramsau, Hallstatt, Badgastein, Kaprun, Matrei in Osttirol, Kals am Grossglockner, Ferlach, Bad Eisenkappel
Difficulty Difficulty
Grade 1: Mostly short walks along gently graded paths or tracks with little height gain. Grade 2: Moderate walking, usually on clear footpaths with reasonable height gain. Grade 3: More strenuous routes, sometimes on rough paths. Some modest scrambling, or the use of ladders, fixed ropes or cables as support.
Must See Must See
Grossglockner, Schesaplana, Piz Buin, Dreiländerspitze, Wildspitze, Kalkkogel, Wilder Kaiser, Zell am See, Gosaukamm, Bischofsmütze, Hochstuhl - alpine flowers and wildlife - glaciers and meadows.
16 Sep 2016
17.2 x 11.6 x 2.3cm
  • Overview

    A comprehensive guidebook detailing walking routes in Austria. The 101 walks reflect the diversity of this popular region and cover Austria's magnificent Alps - including the Rätikon, Silvretta, Stubai and Zillertal - as well as the Dachsteingebirge, Hohe Tauern and the Karawanken. Graded according to difficulty and ranging from short walks of a few kilometres to day hikes and multi-day hut-to-hut tours, from the classic to the lesser-known, there is something to suit every level of ability and ambition. 

    A full description of each route is accompanied by clear sketch maps. This book has all the information you need to make the most of an active walking holiday in Austria, including information on public transport, accommodation, gear required and safety issues, full details of over 100 mountain huts and a German–English glossary. 

    Austria is one of Europe's most walker-friendly countries. Its 40,000km of well-maintained and waymarked trails pass more than a thousand Austrian mountain huts and countless attractive villages, hospitable hotels, inns and restaurants. It also boasts an extensive, integrated public transport system that is particularly useful for walkers. The Austrian landscape is enchanting in its beauty, featuring rugged limestone spires, towering snowy peaks, majestic lakes and tranquil valleys.

  • Contents

    Austria’s Alps
    Mountain Flowers
    Getting There
    Transport within Austria
    The Austrian Alpine Club
    The Routes
    Recommended Maps
    Using this Guide
    1 Rätikon Alps
    Route 1 Douglass Hut – Lünersee Circuit – Douglass Hut
    Route 2 Douglass Hut – Totalp Hut – Lünersee Alm – Douglass Hut
    Route 3 Douglass Hut – Schesaplana
    Route 4 Douglass Hut – Cavelljoch – Douglass Hut
    Route 5 Rätikon Höhenweg Nord
    Route 6 Tschagguns – Lindauer Hut
    Route 7 Tilisuna Hut – Sulzfluh
    2 Silvretta Alps
    Route 8 Gaschurn – Tübinger Hut
    Route 9 Tübinger Hut – Hochmaderer Joch – Bielerhöhe
    Route 10 Bielerhöhe – Saarbrucker Hut
    Route 11 Wiesbadener Hut – Litzner Sattel – Saarbrucker Hut
    Route 12 Bielerhöhe – Wiesbadener Hut – Radsattel – Bielerhöhe
    Route 13 Galtür – Jamtal Hut
    Route 14 Hut to Hut across the Silvretta Alps
    3 Ötztal Alps
    Route 15 Hut to Hut across the Ötztal Alps
    Walks in the Ötztal
    Route 16 Obergurgl – Schönwies Hut – Rotmoostal
    Route 17 Obergurgl) – Schönwies Hut) – Langtalereck Hut
    Route 18 Langtalereck Hut – Hochwilde Haus
    4 Stubai Alps
    Walks in the Sulztal
    Route 19 Circular Walk from Gries-im-Sulztal
    Route 20 Gries-im-Sulztal – Winnebachsee Hut
    Route 21 Gries-im-Sulztal – Sulztalalm – Amberger Hut
    Route 22 Hut to Hut in the northwest Stubai Alps
    Walks in the Stubaital
    Route 23 Neder – Pinnisalm – Innsbrucker Hut
    Route 24 Ranalt – Nürnberger Hut
    Route 25 Nürnberger Hut – Niederl – Grünausee
    Route 26 Oberiss – Franz Senn Hut
    Route 27 Franz Senn Hut – Rinnensee
    Route 28 The Stubaier Höhenweg
    5 Zillertal Alps
    Route 29 Ramsau – Laberg – Mayrhofen
    Route 30 Mayrhofen – Finkenberg – Mayrhofen
    Route 31 Mayrhofen – Niedermoor – Penkenalm
    Route 32 Zillergrund Reservoir – Plauener Hut
    Route 33 Madseit – Höllenstein Hut – Lanersbach
    Route 34 Breitlahner – Berliner Hut
    Route 35 Schlegeis Reservoir – Pfitscher-Joch-Haus
    Hut to Hut in the Zillertal Alps
    Route 36 The Berliner Höhenweg
    Route 37 The Zillertal Höhenweg
    6 Kitzbüheler Alps
    Walks from Söll and Ellmau
    Route 38 Söll – Scheffau
    Route 39 Ellmau – Hochsöll
    Route 40 Ellmau – Panoramaweg – Rahnhartalm – Ellmau
    Walks from Westendorf and Brixen
    Route 41 Westendorf – Brixen – Westendorf
    Route 42 Westendorf – Nachsöllberg – Einködlscharte – Westendorf
    Route 43 Westendorf – Brechhornhaus – Talkaser
    Route 44 Westendorf – Gampenkogel – Talkaser
    Route 45 Westendorf – Einködlscharte – Brixenbachgraben Valley – Brixen
    Route 46 Brixen – Hochbrixen – Söll
    Walks from Kitzbühel
    Route 47 Kitzbühel – Schwarzkogel
    Route 48 Hechenmoos – Bochumer Hut
    Route 49 Hechenmoos – Tristkogel – Saaljoch – Bochumer Hut – Hechenmoos
    Walks from Saalbach and Hinterglemm
    Route 50 Saalbach – Hinterglemm – Lindlingalm
    Route 51 Mitterlengau – Tristkogel – Hochtorsee
    Route 52 Saalbach – Spielberghaus – Burgeralm
    Route 53 Saalbach – Spielberghaus – Kleberkopf
    Route 54 Saalbach – Barnkogel – Spielberghorn – Saalbach
    Route 55 Saalbach – Geierkogel – Viehhofen
    Route 56 Saalbach – Klinglertörl– Zell am See
    Walks from Zell Am See
    Route 57 Zell am See – Thumersbach– Zell am See
    Route 58 Zell am See – Viehhofen
    Route 59 Zell am See – Maurerkogel – Rohrertörl – Schmittenhöhe
    7 Kaisergebirge
    Route 60 Kufstein – Hinterbärenbad – Hans-Berger-Haus
    Route 61 Kufstein – Vorderkaiserfelden Hut
    Route 62 Vorderkaiserfelden Hut – Pyramidenspitze
    Route 63 Kufstein – Vorderkaiserfelden Hut – Stripsenjochhaus
    Route 64 Stripsenjochhaus – Steinerne Rinne – Ellmauer Tor – Grutten Hut
    Route 65 Söll – Hintersteiner See – Söll
    Route 66 Scheffau – Wilder-Kaiser-Steig – Riedl Hut – Ellmau
    Route 67 Ellmau – Gaudeamus Hut – Grutten Hut – Riedl Hut – Ellmau
    Route 68 The Wilder-Kaiser-Steig
    Route 69 Griesenau – Griesner Alm
    Route 70 Griesenau – Stripsenjochhaus
    Route 71 Griesner Alm – Stripsenkopf – Feldberg – Griesner Alm
    Route 72 A Tour of the Wilder Kaiser
    8 Dachsteingebirge
    Walks from Filzmoos
    Route 73 Filzmoos – Hofpürgl Hut – Sulzenhals – Sulzenalm – Filzmoos
    Route 74 Filzmoos – Sulzenalm – Filzmoos
    Route 75 The Gosaukamm Circuit
    Walks from the Bachlalm
    Route 76 Bachlalm – Tor – Dachstein-Südwand Hut – Bachlalm
    Route 77 Bachlalm – Sulzenhals – Rötelstein
    Route 78 Bachlalm – Sulzenhals – Hofpürgl Hut – Filzmoos
    Gosautal and Hallstätter See
    Route 79 Vorderer Gosausee – Hintere Seealm
    Route 80 Steeg-Gosau – Hallstatt – Steeg-Gosau
    9 Hohe Tauern
    Walks from Badgastein
    Route 81 Badgastein – Palfnersee – Badgastein
    Route 82 Badgastein – Graukogel – Reedsee – Badgastein
    Route 83 Badgastein – Böckstein – Badgastein
    Route 84 Badgastein – Oberer Bockhartsee – Sportgastein
    Walks from Kaprun
    Route 85 Kaprun – Krefelder Hut
    Route 86 Krefelder Hut – Salzburger Hut – Kaprun
    Route 87 Kaprun – Scharfer Grat
    Route 88 Kaprun – Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus
    Route 89 Kaprun – Austriaweg
    Route 90 Hut to Hut across the Glockner Group
    Walks from Matrei in Osttirol
    Route 91 Matreier Tauernhaus – Innergschlöss
    Route 92 Innergschlöss – Ochsnerwaldweg – Innergschlöss
    The Virgental
    Route 93 Ströden – Essener-Rostocker Hut
    Route 94 The Venediger Höhenweg
    The Tauerntal
    Route 95 Europa Panoramaweg Goldried – Kals-Matreier-Törlhaus – Kalser Höhe – Goldried
    Route 96 Matrei – Sudetendeutsche Hut – Matrei
    Walks from Kals Am Grossglockner
    Route 97 Kals – Stüdl Hut
    Route 98 Kals – Glorer Hut – Lucknerhaus
    10 Karawanken
    Route 99 Bärental – Klagenfurter Hut
    Route 100 Klagenfurter Hut – Bielschitza
    Route 101 Schaidasattel – Hochobir

    Appendix A Useful Addresses
    Appendix B Bibliography
    Appendix C Menu Items
    Appendix D German–English Glossary
    Appendix E Index of Routes

  • Maps

    A variety of maps cover much of Austria, the best being those published by the ÖAV/DAV under the heading Alpenvereinskarten. Accurate and beautifully drawn, they have a robust quality missing on some of the commercial maps available, and are usually published at a scale of 1:25,000. However, the amount of detail included at this scale is perhaps more than most routes in this guide require. Sheets at a scale of 1:50,000 are available from Kompass, Freytag & Berndt, and Mayr, with some districts treated to 1:30,000, 1:35,000 and 1:40,000 scale.


    Graukogel from the Palfnerscharte (Hohe Tauern, Route 83)

    Kompass Wanderkarte sheets have huts, hotels, and paths (with numbers) clearly marked in red for ease of identification. Be warned that some of the older maps were produced on poor-quality paper which tears easily, especially on the folds, and you may find that a single sheet will not last a full week. More recently-published sheets are slightly more weatherproof. A slim booklet (in German) accompanies these maps, with local information and brief walk suggestions.

    Freytag & Berndt produce sheets of a similar quality to those of Kompass, this time with huts being ringed. The accompanying booklets are perhaps less useful than those of Kompass, although the latest ones include GPS information.

    Mayr maps are produced in Innsbruck and, once more, are of similar quality to F&B and Kompass sheets. The paper tears easily and wears quickly at the folds, but the associated booklets give rather more detail with their walk suggestions than those of Kompass.

    Specific sheets recommended for routes in this guide are outlined at the head of each walk description, but please note that in some instances names on maps do not match those that appear on local signposts. And the altitude measurements shown on some sheets may be at variance with those quoted on maps produced by different publishers.

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