Walking Lake Garda and Iseo

Day walks in the Italian Lakes

By Gillian Price

Guidebook to 20 day walks around the majestic Italian lakes of Garda and Iseo. The routes, which range from leisurely strolls to more strenuous routes up panoramic peaks, offer something to suit all walkers. Invaluable practical information about public transport, accommodation and walking kit is included, together with a handy Italian glossary.



spring through to autumn are best, although the lakes' mild climate makes them suitable for year-round walking. In midsummer head for the mountain altitude routes while in winter, when snow may cover the high peaks, stick to the lower walks


Malcesine, Riva del Garda, Limone, Gargnano on Lago di Garda. Iseo and Lovere on Lago d'Iseo


walks range from easy lakeside strolls to rambles across mountainsides and exciting paths to superbly panoramic peaks. Graded 1 to 3, catering for everyone
Must See

Must See

Malcesine and the cable-car to Monte Baldo for breathtaking views and wildflowers. Monte Telegrafo. Campione and the canyons. Limone and lakefront lemon orchards. Spectacular Strada del Ponale from Riva di Garda. Monte Brione and historic military forts. Tremosine ancient stone stairway. Lago d'Iseo's Monteisola and Lovere
11 Apr 2019
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  • Overview

    This guidebook describes 20 walks around Lakes Garda and Iseo in Northern Italy. The routes range from 4 to 13km in length and are graded 1 to 3. There is something for everyone, from easy leisurely strolls for first-time walkers to strenuous climbs up panoramic peaks.

    The clear maps, inspirational photographs and information about accommodation and public transport options help to make this guidebook an ideal companion to exploring the exceptional scenery, views and culture of the Italian Lakes. A basic English-Italian glossary is also included.

    Formed by ancient glaciers and hemmed in by awesome towering cliffs, Lago di Garda boasts a superb network of well-marked trails exploring alpine ridges and peaks, in addition to ancient stepped ways to fascinating industrial archeology sites. The southern shores are very Mediterranean in flavour, lined with olive groves and vineyards. Beautiful Lago d'Iseo is one of Italy's well-kept secrets. Well out of view until you actually reach its shores, it boasts an attractive mountainous island, appropriately named Monteisola.

  • Contents

    Plants and flowers
    Getting there
    Local transport
    When to go
    Food and drink
    What to take
    Dos and don’ts
    Using this guide
    Lago di Garda
    Walk 1 Valle delle Cartiere
    Walk 2 Eremo di San Valentino
    Walk 3 Campione to Pregasio Loop
    Walk 4 Campione to Pieve Loop
    Walk 5 Limone sul Garda and the Valle del Singol
    Walk 6 Monte Nodice and Pregasina
    Walk 7 Strada del Ponale to Pregasina
    Walk 8 The Venetian Bastione
    Walk 9 Monte Brione
    Walk 10 Torbole to Tempesta
    Walk 11 Monte Baldo: Ventrar to San Michele
    Walk 12 Monte Baldo: Cima delle Pozzette
    Walk 13 Monte Baldo: Eremo SS Benigno e Caro
    Walk 14 Monte Baldo: Rifugio Telegrafo Circuit
    Walk 15 Monte Baldo: Costabella to Prada Alta
    Walk 16 Torri del Benaco and Graffiti
    Lago d’Iseo
    Walk 17 Punta Alta
    Walk 18 Santuario di San Giovanni
    Walk 19 Corna Trentapassi
    Walk 20 Monteisola and the Santuario della Ceriola

    Appendix A Route summary table
    Appendix B Glossary of Italian–English terms

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  • Reviews
    Without the guides we would simply have not been able to do some of the most tremendous walks in Europe.


    Many thanks and well done. I can't believe how much work you must put into these guides and I just want to say how much we have appreciated it. Without the guides we would simply have not been able to do some of the most tremendous walks in Europe.

    Many thanks,

    Graham S

    Three days of fantastic walking

    Although Lake Garda is a major destination for those who prefer a more sedentary way of travelling, the area is honeycombed with hiking paths both long and short, which offer spectacular views of the lake.

    Rupert Parker:

    Read more: https://www.thetravelmagazine.net/a-walk-around-lake-garda-italy.html

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Gillian Price has trekked throughout Asia and the Himalayas, but now lives in Venice and is exploring the mountains and flatter bits of Italy. Starting in the Italian Dolomites, Gillian has written outstanding Cicerone guides to walking all over Italy as well as Corsica and Corfu. An adamant promoter of public transport to minimise environmental impact, Gillian belongs to Mountain Wilderness and is an active member of the Venice branch of CAI, the Italian Alpine Club.

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