Cycling routes and bikes: guidebooks, expert advice, touring, kit and adventure stories

Day rides, cycle touring, mountain biking, sportives, bikepacking or just a bike ride. Here we focus on all aspects of getting on your bike for a great adventure, starting with getting your bike in good order, and leading up to the most epic of cycling adventures. With guidebooks, articles and video to bring everything to life.

Day rides on roads and tracks

The most accessible form of cycling, for cyclists of all ages and abilities. These guidebooks will provide a range of suggested routes in some great locations. If you're looking to push yourself more competitively, then the Sportive guidebooks provide plenty of guidance on training and suggested routes in the south of England.

Cycle touring

Cycle touring has all the benefits of a journey powered purely by your own effort, but you get to cover more ground in a day than you would by walking, yet you are moving slow enough to fully appreciate the scenery around you. Start your cycle touring adventures with trips just taking two or three days. If it feels good, then there is no real limit to what you can achieve.

Suggested routes for first cycle touring trips

Suggestions for more challenging cycle touring

These are very roughly arranged in order of difficulty of the challenge. This can depend on overall length of the route, the terrain, and any challenges related to the region or country.

Passing the border with Bulgaria
Passing the border with Bulgaria in Silistra, on the Danube Cycleway from Budapest to the Black Sea

mountain biking and gravel biking


bike packing, panniers and camping

Epic adventures

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