Five people you'll meet on the Pennine Way

Paddy Dillon is walking the Pennine Way in order to update his guidebook. Now that he has walked it several times it has become clear that there are several types of walkers that you are likely to meet along the Way.

Usual Pennine Way walkers include...

The seasoned backpackers... and particularly a retired couple who seem to have a passion for 'caminos' - those long-distance pilgrim routes that criss-cross Europe. They're enjoying the fact that there are no language difficulties on the Pennine Way!

The overseas visitors... and particularly the Australian father and son. The father is on his second Pennine Way trek, and has a number of national trails under his belt, and he finds Cicerone guidebooks very useful!

The one who went home. There's always someone who begins at Edale with high hopes, only to find them dashed at the end of the first day. Knee problems, in his case, leaving his companion to forge on alone.

The part-timers. These include a couple walking a four-day stretch, and three Geordie backpackers walking a five-day stretch. They all hope to return and do more, because walking for up to three weeks at a stretch is a big ask for most folks.

The journeyers. There are many for whom the Pennine Way is a very personal journey. Perhaps the most thought-provoking is the woman wild-camping with a dog, carrying the ashes of her husband along the trail.

There are those who are carrying everything they need, and those who are having their luggage transferred ahead of them. Most are walking every day, while some have planned occasional days off. In short... there are all sorts on the trail.

Whomever they are, they all have my best wishes, and I hope they find huge enjoyment and satisfaction along the Pennine Way.

Happy trails,


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