Halfway through the Wales Coast Path

Sarah Williams is walking the Wales Coast Path (Llwybr Arfordir Cymru) for the 10 year anniversary. Here, she shares some of her updates from the first half of her trip. Use #ChallengeWithCicerone on Facebook or Instagram to find more from Sarah on her adventure.


Happy 10th birthday to the Wales Coast Path!


I’m so excited to be out here at the moment walking the full 870 miles (in 50 days) to help celebrate the 10 year anniversary and to help promote @ciceronepress updated guidebook which was released on the 29th of April. To learn more about the WCP @walescoastpath -


I will be sharing daily updates and will be vlogging the journey. Here's the first vlog!


Date: Saturday 7th May - walked with @sallykettle


Weather: sunny


From: Abersock Start time: 8.30am To: Criccieth End time: 4.20pm Accommodation: bed - stayed with Sally & family


Terrain: roads and field paths, set back from the coast, are followed for half of the day. Splendid high cliff paths are followed later. Plus long stretches on beach.


Miles: 20.45 miles Steps: 44,471 Ascent: 450m


Guidebook stage: 20 & half of stage 22 Pages: 140 - 146. Total miles on the WCP: 314/870


Costs: £0 #Nospendday

Subjective feeling out of 10 on: Enjoyment: 9 /10 - dealing with cows again knocked it down a point. Fatigue: 4/10 - it took me about an hour to warm up. Ease of terrain: 4/10 - a few steep climbs but otherwise pretty flat. Highlights - walking with Sally - great conversation, amazing weather, gin & tonic, recovery in front of a fire.


Challenges - long beach walks - hard on the feet & legs, super tough going, cows on the boardwalk and blocking the way.


Day 21/50 Walking the @walescoastpath - Llwybr Arfordir Cymru


Date: Monday 9th May Weather: sunny & windy
Harlech Start time: 9.47am To: Barmouth End time: 5.20pm Accommodation: B&B

Terrain: Low level road walks and beach walks with some field paths further inland


Miles: 18.37 Steps: 42,542 Ascent: 100m


Guidebook stage: final bit of stage 22 and all of stage 23 Pages: 154 - 160

Total miles on the WCP: 349/870


Costs: £90 Endeavour Guesthouse #gifted

Food: £40 food resupply - Co-op. Dinner, snacks etc

Subjective feeling out of 10 on: Enjoyment: 7/10. Fatigue: 2/10. Ease of terrain: 3/10

Highlights - The accommodation in Barmouth. I had a beautiful room with incredible views. I also managed to do a food resupply and get to the accommodation before it started raining, which made me super happy.


Challenges - it was a really good day, no real challenges at all.

25 days in!!! #walescoastpath Half way there… 402 miles walked. #ChallengeWithCicerone


468 miles to go. With 25 days to go = 18.72 miles per day… Let’s go!!!! Looking forward to walking Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Gower Peninsula and South Wales! Fingers crossed the weather stays sunny!!


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