A walking guidebook with 46 graded routes in Sicily, including the Madonie and Nebrodi mountains, the Egadi and Aeolian islands and Mount Etna. Most walks take 3-4 hours, plus some short easy strolls as well as long mountain traverses. Interesting varied terrain, including river valleys, coastal walks, ancient ruins, volcanoes and mountain peaks.



March to June is best; summers are very hot for walking; early Autumn is pleasant but late Autumn is the wettest time of the year


Access via Palermo, Naples and and other airports; most main towns would be good bases- Messina, Taormina, Catania


some of the walking may be arduous (Etna); routes of varying difficulty between half and full days
Must See

Must See

Mount Etna (though it may be closed to walkers); the Isola Egadi; Hellenic, Roman and Byzantine remains; and the wonderful food
17 Nov 2014
5 Jul 2017
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
  • Overview

    This guidebook includes 46 walks throughout Sicily and the adjoining Aeolian and Egadi Islands. Sicily’s stunning range of scenery, combined with its Mediterranean climate, good transport and age-old pathways make it the ideal walking destination. This guidebook leads walkers along river valleys, past ancient ruins and up to volcanoes and mountain peaks. The walking includes Mount Etna, the Madonie and Nebrodi mountains and the Egadi and Aeolian islands.

    This guidebook combines detailed route description and mapping with fascinating insight into the history and geology of Sicily and the many points of interest along the way. Whether the active volcanic rumblings of Stromboli, or elaborate coastal forts, to prehistoric cave paintings; Sicily is home to some of Europe's greatest natural and historical wonders.

    There are both short and long distance routes that range from 3 to 23km in length so there is a route to suit all abilities. The routes vary considerably due to the terrain covered in each walk and are graded from 1 to 3. Grade 1 refers to an easy stroll that is suitable for all, Grade 2 is a little strenuous with reasonable distances and/or climbs and drops involved which require a basic level of fitness and Grade 3 is akin to an alpine trek. The latter may involve occasional problems with orientation as well as exposed or particularly arduous stretches so some experience and extra care is recommended along with suitable equipment.

    • includes practical information on the best time to go to Sicily, getting there, as well as accommodation advice and information on facilities along the way
    • a useful Italian-English glossary
    • fully stocked with mapping for each walk, as well as imspiring colour photography
  • Contents


    Walking and Maps
    Parks, Reserves and Protected Areas
    When to Go
    What to Take
    Reaching Sicily
    Travelling Around Sicily
    Food and Drink
    Tourist Information
    Flowers and Trees
    The Northeast Coast

    1 Taormina and the Castello Saraceno
    2 Castelmola
    The Alcantara River Valley

    3 Monte Mojo
    4 Francavilla and the River
    Monte Etna

    5 The Craters of Monte Silvestri
    6 Monte Nero degli Zappini Loop
    7 Schiena dell’Asino
    8 The Monti Sartorio Circuit
    9 Monte Nero Circuit and Grotta dei Lamponi
    10 Monte Etna: The North–South Traverse
    Monti Iblei and the Southeast Corner

    11 Wondrous Pantalica and its Necropolises
    12 The Pantalica River Walk
    13 Cava Grande del Cassibile
    14 Noto Antica
    15 Riserva Naturale di Vendicari
    16 Isola delle Correnti
    17 Cava d’Ispica
    Antiquities in the West

    18 The White Cliffs of Eraclea Minoa
    19 The Stones of Selinunte
    20 Mozia and its Lagoon
    Le Isole Egadi (Egadi Islands)

    21 Favignana by Bicycle
    22 Levanzo and its Cave Paintings
    23 Marettimo’s Coastal Path
    24 Marettimo’s High Level Circuit
    The Glorious Northwest

    25 Marvellous Medieval Erice
    26 Riserva Naturale di Monte Cofano
    27 Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro
    Palermo Surrounds

    28 Palermo’s Monte Pellegrino
    29 Monte Iato
    30 Piana degli Albanesi
    31 Bosco della Ficuzza
    32 Rocca Busambra
    Le Madonie (Madonie Mountains)

    33 Cefalù and its Rocca
    34 Isnello to Gratteri
    35 Pizzo Carbonara
    36 Piano Cervi
    37 Vallone Madonna degli Angeli
    38 Piano Sempria Sentiero Natura
    I Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mountains)

    39 Biviere di Cesarò
    40 Floresta to Randazzo
    Le Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)

    41 Vulcano’s Gran Cratere
    42 Lipari’s Castello and Southern Headlands
    43 Lipari’s San Calogero Spa
    44 Salina’s Monte Fossa delle Felci
    45 Stromboli – Ascent to the Volcano
    46 Stromboli Loop

    Appendix I Italian–English Glossary
    Appendix II Further Reading

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    Aug 2018

    Walk 26 - Monte Cofano. The coastal walk under the steep parts of the mountain is closed due dangerous rock fall. The pass across the saddle is still open. (Thanks to Andrew Lumsden)

    June 2018

    p84 Walk 11: 2nd paragraph - turn left (east) at the second fork for the 'Oratorio Bizantino'.

    p86 Walk 12: annual winter flooding means the route may change so stick to the old railway line if in doubt and return the same way.

    (Thanks to Andrea Grimshaw)

    p158 Walk 28 - the map is no longer available

    p174 Walk 31 Access: the AST bus to Ficuzza departs from Palermo's Stazione Centrale railway station

    p249 Walk 46: CAI path markers are reportedly gone or illegibile.

    The Walk: From Scari turn L past the Liberty Lines office to Via Roma.

    (Thanks to Sandra Bardwell)

  • Reviews

    Linda, July 2014

    My husband and I had a completely different experience as tourists in Sicily as a result of having your hiking guide.  It MADE our trip. Thanks for the excellent work!

    Henry, by email, November 2014

    "Everyone in our walking group ha[s] acquired a copy of your excellent guide Walking in Sicily...  Without exception the walks we adopted and in some cases adapted from your book provided stunning views and an amazing diversity of scenery and vegetation. We were bowled over by the magnificent trees, especially in the Madonie range, great oaks, sycamores, holm oaks, beech and, of course, the giant holly by the Rifugio Crispi...  The consolation for the long climb up past the Stations of the Cross was  happily a superb lunch at 'Al Saraceno' restaurant.

    The lunch made a splendid finish to what everyone agreed was one of our best ever walks, especially for those who never dreamt that Sicily offered so many treasures - scenery, wine, food, charming little hill towns, the list could go on ..   So, thank you, Gillian, for all your good advice and for an inspirational book."

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