Walking on the Amalfi Coast

Ischia, Capri, Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi

By Gillian Price

Guidebook describing 32 day walks on Italy's beautiful Amalfi Coast. The areas covered include Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano and Monti Lattari, and the idyllic islands of Capri and Ischia. The region is criss-crossed by ancient mule tracks and pilgrim routes, offering a variety of walks from family strolls to strenuous treks.



all year round, though midsummer can get a bit hot. The spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October) months are probably the best. Winter can be wonderful - and quiet


Naples is the main city and airport, but key walking bases are Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and the gorgeous islands of Capri and Ischia


all walkers catered for, from strollers to active trekkers; simple short routes on old mule tracks, but flat land is in short supply here and stepped pathways are the norm; walks are graded 1-3
Must See

Must See

the UNESCO World Heritage Amalfi Coast, with Ravello, Positano and Amalfi as well as Sorrento on the Gulf of Naples, the gorgeous island of Capri and neighbouring Ischia. Walks are both easy and challenging, Sentiero degli Dei, the Monti Lattari, Roman villas, hidden coves, lemon orchards, coastal ferry trips, divine Neapolitan cakes, medieval alleyways
8 Jun 2017
25 Apr 2019
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  • Overview

    Walking on the Amalfi Coast describes 32 day-walks, ranging from 3km to 11km in length. The walks explore the Sorrento Peninsula, Amalfi Coast and Monti Lattari, as well as the islands of Capri and Ischia in the Gulf of Naples. The whole area is crisscrossed by ancient mule tracks, pilgrim routes and goat tracks, offering a variety of walking from family strolls to strenuous treks across terrain from paved paths to verdant hillside paths and rough volcanic scree.

    Split into the five sections of Ischia, Capri, Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi, each walk is accompanied by relevant public transport information as well as a sketch map. The book also provides local and practical information, accommodation options and an Italian–English glossary.

    The steep southern edge of the Sorrento peninsula, famous for its medieval villages perched atop plunging cliffs, with their near-vertical vineyards and lemon orchards, is recognised as a World Heritage Site. This coastline, the rugged landscape behind, crowned by the Monti Lattari, and the idyllic islands of Capri and Ischia together make a perfect holiday destination for walkers.

  • Contents

    Flowers and plants
    Exploring and bases
    Getting there
    Getting around
    When to go
    Culinary delights
    What to take
    Using this guide
    Dos and don’ts
    Walk 1 Over Monte Epomeo
    Walk 2 Bosco della Maddalena
    Walk 3 Maronti to Sant’Angelo
    Walk 4 Piano Liguori traverse
    Walk 5 Sentiero dei Fortini
    Walk 6 Over Monte Solaro
    Walk 7 Villa Jovis loop
    Walk 8 Arco Naturale–Faraglioni circuit
    Walk 9 On Monte Sant’Angelo
    Walk 10 Bagni della Regina Giovanna
    Walk 11 Monte San Costanzo and Punta Campanella
    Walk 12 Monte San Costanzo
    Walk 13 Baia di Ieranto
    Walk 14 Sant’Agata to Massa Lubrense
    Walk 15 Marina di Crapolla
    Walk 16 The Siren trail
    Walk 17 Sant’Elia
    Walk 18 Santa Maria Castello to Montepertuso
    Walk 19 Montepertuso–Fornillo circuit
    Walk 20 Sentiero degli Dei
    Walk 21 Above Praiano
    Walk 22 Grotte di Santa Barbara
    Walk 23 Furore Fjord
    Walk 24 Upper Valle delle Ferriere
    Walk 25 Valle dei Mulini, Ferriere and Pontone
    Walk 26 Torre dello Ziro
    Walk 27 Ravello to Amalfi via Valle del Dragone
    Walk 28 Ravello and Santa Caterina loop
    Walk 29 Minori–Atrani–Amalfi
    Walk 30 Minori and San Nicola
    Walk 31 Santuario dell’Avvocata
    Walk 32 Badia Santa Maria dell’Olearia

    Appendix A Italian–English glossary
    Appendix B Walk summary table
    Appendix C Further inspiration

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    Sept 2018

    Walk 20: the Sentiero degli Dei has recently been repaired and re-opened and is now safe for walkers once again.

    April 2018

    Walk 20: Sentiero degli Dei: due to landslips the local council has officially closed the path to walkers until further notice.

    Oct 2017

    Walk 19: In the wake of summer forest fires above Positano walkers may encounter a sign 'enter at your own risk' as well as several charred logs along the way.

    (Thanks to DJ Anderson)

  • Reviews
    A great guide

    This is another of Cicerone's foreign travel guides and visits one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy which is dominated by some magnificent sea cliffs and inland by the Monti Lattari, the mountainous backbone soaring to spectacular heights behind Sorrento. The book contains 32 walks in five main regions; The Island of Ischia, its more well known neighbour Capri, Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi. 

    Many of the walks have dramatic scenic views down onto the azure blue Tyrrhenian Sea. In addition to the walks there are chapters on Flowers and Plants, Wildlife, Exploring and Bases, Getting there, Getting Around, When to Go, Accommodation, Culinary Delights, What to Take, Maps and Emergencies plus How to use the Guide.

    Distances for the walks range from three kilometres (1.8 miles) to 11 kilometres (seven miles). The walks are also graded from one to three with one being easy and three being fairly strenuous. Gillian Price, travel writer and photographer, now lives in Venice with her Italian husband Nicola and knows Italy intimately. She recommends Spring and Autumn for the best time to walk in this area as Summer can be somewhat overpowering as I found out personally whilst there at the end of August when the temperatures were still in the mid-thirties.

    The walk descriptions are good and as well as the routes themselves, Gillian also includes a plethora of information about the history of the area. If you are visiting the Amalfi coast and would like to include a walk or two whilst on holiday this is certainly a great guide to take with you to enjoy.

    Your wonderful guides have been a pleasure to read, and have been particularly helpful, thank you!

    Dear Ms Price,

    For the last 20 years, my wife and I have relied heavily on Cicerone guidebooks. Your wonderful guides for Amalfi, Dolomites, and Gran Paradiso have been a pleasure to read, and have been particularly helpful, thank you!

    Thanks again!

    Dan & Cheryl
    Seattle, WA

    Just wanted to comment on your book Walking on the Amalfi Coast. I walked # 25 - Ravello to Amalfi via Valle del Dragone and it was a perfect hike with perfect directions. I had some naysayers with me who thought the book and its directions were all wrong and at one point did not want to continue on. But I kept saying trust the book. And we hit every landmark you said would be there, arriving in Amalfi a little over an hour and a half later. They could not believe we ended up where we did. The book was wonderful and it was like following a visual treasure map. Thank you for the great work.

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Gillian Price has trekked throughout Asia and the Himalayas, but now lives in Venice and is exploring the mountains and flatter bits of Italy. Starting in the Italian Dolomites, Gillian has written outstanding Cicerone guides to walking all over Italy as well as Corsica and Corfu. An adamant promoter of public transport to minimise environmental impact, Gillian belongs to Mountain Wilderness and is an active member of the Venice branch of CAI, the Italian Alpine Club.

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