#AskCicerone: equipment for long-distance walking in the UK

Advice for both summer and winter in the UK


In our latest #AskCicerone episode, we ask Marketing Director and guidebook author Lesley Williams for her advice on equipment for long-distance walking in the UK. Offering tips for both summer and winter, Lesley covers footwear, waterproofs and walking poles, as well as the importance of duct tape and midge spray. This is a brilliant introduction to the practicalities of long-distance walking in the UK.

Explore the Cicerone website and discover our full range of guidebooks to long-distance walks in the UK. Lesley has also written several articles on the Cicerone website about long-distance walking in the UK, including 'UK long-distance walking routes and top tips': https://www.cicerone.co.uk/a-list-of-the-long-distance-walks-in-the-uk-2-2, and 'the best UK long-distance walks you can do in a week': https://www.cicerone.co.uk/the-best-uk-long-distance-walks-you-can-do-in-a-week.

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